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Anyone know what's up with sna?

Well, anyone following me on facebook will know I'm not dead, but on a whim, I decided to officially inform my livejournal friends I'm still alive. School and work are eating up tons of my time, however, and then when I do have free time, all I've wanted to do lately is play computer games. Like, the casual kind where you don't have to actually think a lot. Aaah, relaxing.

Anyway, I was just recently going over old role-playing logs, fanfictions, etc and I became very curious of something. And since I cannot seem to find the answer on my own, I'm going to ask it here, where it seems more likely I'll get an answer.

Is anyone still in touch with sna32?

Some of the old things I was browsing through reminded me of her and I realized I have not seen or heard from her in a very long time. Okay, a year, but in internet time, that's almost, like, forever. I'm curious to know how she's doing/if she's alright/what's up with her life/etc. So if anyone knows, could you share that with me? Or some way to get in contact with her again? I'm just missing her recently.

So...yeah, thanks. That's pretty much it. I might try to find more time now and then to post here. Goodness knows I've got enough to share if I tried.
Gotta admit this looks pretty funny. I like the hilarity potential.


It's still brand new and very small, but I'd like to see more.



I'm feeling struck by a small bout of inspiration and want to run with it, but once again I need your help.

Give me a number between 1 and 465. (Some of you may know what this is, but no cheating~)

I shall explain the rest later.

More Zombie Talk.

Just watched the first episode of AMC's new series "The Walking Dead" on Hulu. I can't tell if I'm sad or relieved that they won't be uploading new episodes as they come out (it's just a teaser). Incredible story-telling and I'm thinking about going to the bookstore soon to buy the graphic novels. I'm seriously chilled and suddenly in desperate want of a more sufficient Zombie Plan. Go watch it if you think you can stomach it, it'll only be available there until the 23rd.

When we do have the Apocalypse, please let it be floods and earthquakes and not zombies. That's all I ask.

Time for bed. ...Man, why did I watch that before bed?

A glance back.

I just finished watching a bunch of Ranma 1/2 clips and episodes.




Why can't all my fandom be this awesome?!?! I miss those days. ;~;

Fanfic? Anyone?

Old Spice Monster.

One of the many reasons I freakin' LOVE the Muppets.

F-List! Countrymen! Lend me your memes!!

School Project Time. And if I'm mentioning this here, that means I need your help! Here's the gist:

For a group project we're creating a board game that we want to stuff as many internet memes as possible into. So...STUFF ME WITH MEMES! Youtube, lolcats, websites, de-motivational posters and other such things that you just. see. everywhere. I need as many ideas as you can give me!! And while I'm mainly looking for stuff you find on the internet, I'll take pop culture references too.

Here are a few categories I'll be eventually shoving these under for the game, just in case they help you think of something:
- Characters
- Weapons
- Special Abilities
- Traps/Tricks
- Shortcuts (I already know I'm going to use "Double Rainbow, Across the Board!" for this)

And, of course, there's probably more ways I can use them than I can currently think of. But yeah! MEME ME!!! (Links to the meme you're talking about would be SO appreciated!)

Thanks in advance guys! You totally rock!

Cheerio, wot-wot~

Recently, my thoughts have taken on various British/Scottish accents. Seriously, no matter what I'm thinking, there's an accent on my inner voice.

But this usually happens when I watch Doctor Who every night for a week straight.

PS - I need some DW icons!!! Anyone know good places to find them?


I'd been hearing bad reviews before I watched it, but a part of me had hoped they were all from people who were already biased about the "Race-Bending" campaign. ...They were not. It was bad. Its was just...BAD. I can hardly wait for Rifftrax to come out with something for this movie so that I can actually enjoy it in some way.

To sum up the major flaws: M. Night Shayamalan, both writer and director, which are pretty much the biggest areas this movie went bad.

Characters were not allowed to speak, apparently, unless they had exposition and plot-devices in every other sentence. As such, they were reduced to shallow, empty characters that lacked any of the personalities that made them lovable in the first place. Everything was taken too seriously as well, which meant practically ALL THE HUMOR you liked finding in the original series was cut out. The funniest moment was by Sokka, reaching for a boomerang that wasn't there. That was the comedy. The end.

Emotional highs in this movie were not built up properly. Aang is angry/despairing. How do you know? BECAUSE THE GLOWING SAYS SO. I don't actually blame the actor for that at all. What the scene needed wasn't a better actor, but better directing to help the mood along. Some flashbacks maybe could help? (Ones that actually make you care, I mean.) Transitions into moods were choppy and distracting, and ended up leaving the scenes, on whole, empty.

I think MNS wrote this movie for the people who've never seen the series, and then directed it for all the people who have. So the plot's laid out so you can't possibly miss anything ("Yes, Zhao, we heard you the first five times, you were in a SECRET LIBRARY.") but all the emotional moments are just assumed, because come on, you've know this scene, you loved it in the series.

This review really isn't influenced by the "Race-Bending" issue, but...I'd be lying if I said at certain points in the movie I wasn't feeling it. Particularly when looking at Ozai and Iroh and thinking, "...I'm really supposed to believe these two are brothers?"

Did I mention how the names are "mispronounced"? Yes, technically it's in the TV series the names were mispronounced, but...come on Shyamalan, you don't need to go all elitist on us and make everyone say the names "correctly". Just stick to what the fans know and love already, you can at least give them that, right? Right?


A friend showed me this last night while I was over at her house. HI.LAR.I.OUS.

"Review with ellipsis...to cut to only good parts...leaving out all negative criticism..." - Famous Magazine/Critic


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